Our site machinery includes:

  • 14 mtr cherry pickers x2
  • 20 mtr boom lifers x2
  • 30 tonne Kato mobile crane
  • 20 tonne 4x4 Kato mobile crane
  • 12 mtr scissor lift
  • 9 mtr scissor lifts x2
  • Slab sissors lifts x4
  • Hiab truck


Plasma Cutter

The Spirit II 400 is a 400amp High density plasma cutter and marking system. It utilizes a precision, dual gas torch that is capable of cutting between 1mm to 75mm mild steel. The system contains a computer controlled automatic gas console with a touch screen interface which all cutting parameters are controlled through. Setting up a cut is as simple as selecting material type, material thickness, and the process you are after (cutting or marking) then from there the gases adjust automatically to suit the selected parameters.

For cutting mild steel it uses a mix of oxygen, air and nitrogen, the torch is water cooled and has 9 nozzle sizes 30, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, 260, 275, 400 are available to produce an excellent cut quality throughout the cutting range.

All this sits on the Promax 2000 which is 6000 x 2100mm profile bed.


Automated Band Saw


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