Our team consists of approximately 100 skilled and dedicated staff. We strive to ensure all fabricators hold their AS/NZS 2980 Welding ticket. Our erection crews have their own mobile workshop, containing all the basics for erecting most structures. We also have specialist equipment, such as portable welding plants, various scissor lifts, cherry pickers and cranes, including both a 30 & 20 Tonne Mobile Crane to assist with erecting steel.

Stevensons Structural Engineers was founded in Tokomaru in 1897 by R. J. Stevenson. Since this time, we have developed a proven reputation as leaders in the supply, detailed shop drawings, fabrication, surface treatment and erection of structural steel. Our projects have taken us all around the world, completing contracts in Venezuela, Guam, Nauru (central pacific), Australia, and of course all throughout New Zealand.

We have workshops based in Palmerston North and Wellington, but our head-office and main manufacturing facility is located at Tokomaru, 20Km South of Palmerston North. This is where the basis of steel fabrication and surface treatment is done, and is conveniently located to supply national and international destinations.

Our Tokomaru workshop encompasses our surface treatment facility, where we are able to clean steel using grit blasting to all recognized standards. This is carried-out in our 19.7m × 4.5 m high × 5m wide grit blasting booth equipped with Burwell blasting gear. From here, we are able to apply a multitude of different protective coatings to suit all requirements, including zinc-arc spraying as an industry recognized substitute for hot-dip galvanizing.

Stevensons are extremely proud of their growth and contribution to the construction industry over the years. We hope that our production capabilities and standards continue to be reflected in the successful completion of many major projects in the years to come.

We take pride in providing the best possible product with the best possible service.



Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental responsibility

Quality and Health & Safety are important strengths of our operations. This begins with our high standards of workmanship and service. We apply a complete Health & Safety system to all projects. We have a formal Quality Assurance system with documentation that can be customized to suit individual customer requirements.

Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) is a certification scheme to ensure participating steel fabricators have the capability to manufacture product of the necessary quality. SFC provides procurers and specifiers with not only greater certainty of product quality, but that they are dealing with a fabricator who has proven procedures and personnel that, together, represent international best practice. Stevensons Structural Engineers have been accredited to Construction Category Level 3.

Welding is a special process and to ensure the proper quality of the welded product and to optimise manufacturing cost, the whole welding process must be controlled from the very start. For structural steel applications, this is achieved by applying the welding quality management system ISO 3834. A key feature of this standard is the requirement to ensure that people with welding responsibilities are competent to discharge those responsibilities. This is achieved by incorporation of another standard: ISO 14731 “Welding Co-ordination – Tasks and responsibilities”.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System
In order to give assurance and clarity around a company’s complete processes and procedures necessitates a total management system that ‘brings-together’ all facets of what we do each day. Stevensons has implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Management System to achieve this goal and is currently obtaining accreditation.

Environmental responsibility Stevensons’ processes ensure that we are 100% environmentally responsible, and we are currently working towards accreditation for ISO 14001. We are committed to ensuring all care and thought is undertaken to lessen environmental impact in all our operations. We love being a part of our ecosystem’s growth and development for the next generation. All work is fully consented and we are compliant with all statutory regulations. Our minimal environmental impact plan includes: Recycling of all office products, 100% recycling of steel, Limiting dust to 1% dispersion, All paint thinners are recycled, Noise reduction, Cleansing and recycling of Sand Blasting Grit. This is an on-going commitment where staff and customer ideas are welcomed.


Key Personnel

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Evan Kroll - Managing Director

Evan started his career as a draughtsman for Webforge, which at the time was part of a group and sister company to Stevensons Structural Engineers. After spending 18 months in this position, Evan was offered a job at Stevensons in Tokomaru.

On the 5th of August 1977 Evan started at Stevensons as the office boy and grew into his role as the company expanded. With having recently celebrated 40 years with Stevensons in 2017, Evan brings over four decades of seasoned experience to his current role of Managing Director and still enjoys the challenges of the industry.


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Neil Groot - General Manager

Neil joined us in March 2020 and brings a wealth of international knowledge and experience in General and Operations Management in Engineering and Manufacturing.

Neil is focussed on Quality Management and was instrumental in Stevensons Structural Engineers obtaining the Steel Fabricators Certification SFC CC3 and the International Institute of Welding Certificate in AS/NZS ISO 3834. Neli is currently working on us obtaining ISO 9001 accreditation.


(Mob) 027 201 9334

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Jerwin Yap - Quantity Surveyor Manager

Jerwin joined Stevensons Structural Engineers in August 2016 as the QS Manager, coming to us with 10 years overseas experience in the building, oil & gas construction industries. His previous role was a project/cost engineer where he assisted in all structural aspects of the job. Jerwin’s involvement in a variety of roles provided him with the knowledge to prepare, monitor and control project costs to ensure construction and production costs are managed within the budget.

In addition to his practical experience, his degree in Civil Engineering that he earned overseas gave him a good understanding of technical requirements in the construction industry especially in structural steel. With on-going development in the industry through advanced methods and techniques, he maintains our company goals to provide a solid solution in steel within budget.


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Carlene Windley - Human Resources Manager & Health and Safety Officer

Carlene was first employed at Stevenson’s Structural Engineers in February of 2018 with the combined role of both Reception and Human Resource Manager. Since April of 2019 her combination of roles changed to HR Manager and Health and Safety Officer to which she remains today.

Carlene had previous HR and H&S experience from her previous employment at a Level 6 Dementia Facility in Levin where she worked for a period of 4 years. Although her previous experience was not in the Construction Industry her knowledge of New Zealand Legislation’s & Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 was enough for a good foundation to build on. Carlene has since attended a number of educational training sessions and gained several NZQA Unit Standards related to Health and Safety in our industry. She has assisted us to achieve a Level Green on our Site Wise Assessment and continues to improve awareness of the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace.


(Mob) 027 271 2364

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Nigel Sturgeon - Construction Manager

Nigel joined Stevenson’s Structural Engineers in 2019.He came to us with 26 years’ experience in the industry. He is a qualified fitter welder. He’s had previous experience in Structural, Marine, Piping and mining sectors progressing to Project Manager in 2015.

Nigel’s involvement in a variety of roles provided him with the knowledge to prepare and control his project’s to ensure construction and production are managed. In addition to his practical experience, Nigel has worked in New Zealand, Australia and Thailand on variety of construction projects. Nigel’s ambition within Stevenson’s is to maintain and improve QA system and delivering projects to a high standard and on time.