"The Rock" is part of the Wellington International Airport upgrade and is planned to be finished in 2010.

 It will give the airport 2 new aerobridges and brings the total number from 6 to 8 available to international aircraft. It will also give visitors a unique and memorable experience.

The Rock consists of 3 parts, Nose Rock, Main Rock and Ramp rock, and it is built on a concrete base with steel portals as the main structure that will partly give its shape. The final shape is derived by several layers of timber and a gutter system. The entire cladding is in copper, which over time will weather and pick up tinges of green and blue with "crusty" appearance, giving The Rock character.

The steel structure was quite difficult to detail but with the shop drawings done in-house it made the fabrication a lot easier as we could resolve issues right at the spot.

The Nose Rock was the first to be erected on site.

The internal ceilings are triangular panels that are suspended from "ceiling dropper" which are welded to the underside of the rafter.

The Ramp Rock also has triangular segments that give the building a unique look.

This project has seen tremendous team work from all parties involved.